Things To Know About Flight Delay Compensation

At times, poor weather, technical problems as well as other unforeseen circumstances can lead to flight delays. As a result, you have to either cancel your plans or postpone the time. However, with passenger rights, the airline authorities will provide you with other alternate options. Here are a few things that you must know about delay compensation:-

What will happen if your flight delays

It is important to understand that flight delays are easy to present in different ways. On top of that, the right provided by the airline companies will depend completely on the problems you are facing. Every passenger gets some rights however, it is your responsibility that you ask your travel agent regarding certain policies as well as timelines.

Things and situations can vary based on the circumstances. For example, in case your flight is delayed for almost two hours or even more, then authorities will provide you with free meals as well as refreshments. However, you will only get this if you wait inside the airport.

Similarly, if the domestic flight in which you planned to travel keeps you waiting for more than six hours, then it is important to communicate with flight authorities regarding flight delay.

Either they will offer you a ticket on the alternate flight within six hours, or they will refund your money. When it comes to delayed flights for over twenty-four hours, the airline authorities will provide you a free hotel for your staycation.

What if your flight gets canceled

Canceled flights can bring thousands of problems and ruin your business meeting or even travel plans. Hence, if there is any flight delay, then the flight authorities inform the passengers immediately at least two to three weeks before your day of travel. As a part of the flight delay compensation, they must arrange another flight for you. However, this does not happen every time.

Thus, you must check with either the airlines or your travel agency regarding delay or if they can make some other arrangements. If the airline company did not inform you as per the procedure and the authorities failed to provide you with a connecting flight, then they will either ask you for another connecting flight or ask you to give a full refund as well as compensation.

How long you have to wait to get the refund

If you are concerned about the refunding process, then it will take some time. At times, you can immediately get a refund if you paid the money in cash. But, if your payment was with a debit or credit card, then it will take about six to seven days for the payment.

Therefore, these are some of the things that you must know about flight compensation.