Buying A Car Insurance Cover

You are going to purchase a car but don’t ask about its insurance, isn’t it foolish thing? While purchasing a car, car insurance is always needed. If you get injured or car gets damaged, everything will be paid by the company.

Car insurance process: –

When one buys a car, the insurance of 1 year is given by a company. Evenly, while purchasing a second-hand car, we will always ask about its insurance. After all the matter is of life and money.After the completion of 1 year, company itself calls you to renew your insurance. This insurance is simply done by deducting some amount by looking at your previous record.However, if one fails to renew the insurance before the due date, then the company will itself visit at your door, have a look at the car and take photographs and whatever the inquiry should be done as per its terms and conditions.

So, renew the insurance at your own level unless you have to wait till this cumbersome process ends to renew your insurance.

Car Insurance Singapore

Types of car insurance: –

  • Bumper-to-bumper:- in this case, any damage to the car due to the accident and natural calamity is paid by the company.
  • Third party damage: – While driving the car if you meet any accident and the third-party dies, the car insurance will save you from the legal actions.
  • Personal accidents cover: – In case of injury to the owner of the car, he will be given insurance cover by the company for all the damage.

Claim for the car insurance: – Claim for the car insurance become very easy these days as now one can apply online too. The only need is:-

  • Sufficient documents to prove your claim like copy of FIR file in police station, license, insurance cover, etc.
  • Photographs of the damaged parts of the car and any grave injury on your body.

Things to be kept in mind while claiming for the car insurance: –

  • Don’t brawl with the third-party as it will affect your claim.
  • Don’t take your car away from the accident site without the permission of the police.
  • Keep a record of expenses charged in the garage to repair the car to show the company.
  • Maintain medical record in case of physical injury.

So never forget to ask for car insurance while buying a car.