How do smart communication and telephony systems become smart home and Smart Office Automation?

Everything should be done simply. So that people do not get entangled with the technology, which in most cases they do not understand at all how it works. The smart office automation motto is to Keep People Focused on Work, Not Technology.

The IoT (Internet of Things)

The IoT (Internet of Things) approach connects directly to the IP telephony and IP communications approach that has moved to the cloud. The ability to turn everything into IP (Internet Protocol) and the transfer of wisdom and information to the cloud, lead to a new layer of solutions that combine the new world of IoT with the world of communications and telephony, which becomes mobile, applicable, and really human.

The scope of the smart office automation, which a system performs, is infinite and the system is customized to the needs of each person, according to their location at that moment and according to the activity, which they do or want to do at any moment.

Home automation

Actions, which the system performs:

When the person enters the ” smart office “, immediately the air conditioning system turns on and adjusts itself to the number of people in the room and the optimal temperature to save energy, the shutters are raised and adjusted to the required lighting level in the room, the smartphone automatically connects to the corporate communication system.

” Collaborative work in the cloud “, screen calls in the office, conference calls with officials to perform the tasks that day are scheduled in order of priority and everyone who is everywhere in conference calls is connected, even if you are still on your way to work or in another country, and so on.

The smart management system of all types of multimedia in the cloud is called Fusion, a system that manages all sources and displays them in the office, under one management envelope. Thus, the dividing line has completely disappeared. This is the exact same system that works the same way in any place. Thus, the new system can connect transparently to all the existing IT systems in the business.

Smart Home and Office – Bottom Line:

The purchase of advanced computing and communication solutions, like any purchase in a business, should be done only after examining the needs of the business users.

It is recommended to carry out an intelligent process of selecting advanced communication products of the IoT type integrated with the BYOD approach in the cloud, compared to other solutions available in the market. We are at your disposal for advice and assistance in this decision process.