Bedroom renovation with hdb 4 room resale renovation

Everyone’s day end with their bed. Your bed will give you the good comfortable sleep which is necessary for the next day’s head start. The bedroom can make a tremendous change on one’s life because, it manipulates the entire sleep cycle on both good and bad ways. Hence, the bedroom should be in manner to ensure a good sleep and comfortable wake up pattern. The human body needs at least 6 hours of sleep. Won’t you create a good place for it?

If you don’t know anything about bedroom renovation. Keep reading you can get some idea about bedroom renovation. Renovation is necessary not meant about doing a complicated invasive work.

In bedroom renovation, it is more affordable thing to do when compared with the house renovation as it doesn’t involve plumbing works.

It involves some fabrics, paintings, window treatments, lighting workson the hdb 4 room resale renovation. In addition to that DIY products will be the main attraction to your room, if you have any.

hdb 4 room resale renovation

Key things to be noted while renovating your bedroom:


It will be the first noticeable thing on your room. Some may prefer single set-pieces and some may recommend combinations of light sources. Choose accordingly to your room. You can go with chandelier or retro track lighting or anything as you like. The night lamp on your bedside will add more aesthetic nature to your bedroom.


The second thing on our list is the flooring. Your ambiance around your bedroom can be influenced by the flooring in your bedroom. Your geographic location will decide your flooring in your bedroom. If you are in a place experiencing high humidity, it is recommended to go on with hard flooring like ceramic tile or vinyl plank. If you are in other locations, then you can decide with normal wall-to-wall carpeting or an area rug.

There are many other wood types of flooring available in the market; you have the wide variety to decide from it.

The extra element:

Your bedroom will influence your personality as well so, why can’t you include some ‘x’ factor in it like a character element. It can be anything a handmade or thing which you purchased recently something that motivates you to be on your passion. You can also pick a character theme for your bedroom like sports, music, your favorite food or whatever that inspires you.

Paint scheme:

Your bedroom will be your private space, paint which you like and suits you and make you calm and focused. Invest on a good quality interior paint for long lasting duration.

From the above ideas you can improve the look of your bedroom. Thanks for reading.