How To Buy Medicinal Cannabis Online With Doctor’s Prescription

One of the toughest experiences is to purchase cannabis products, especially since this controversial plant is still in-questioned in some other countries. Although some countries are legalizing cannabis, many countries are still in the study of whether to legalize it or not. Hello Mello, it accepts patients to get a free consultation and get a prescription for medicinal cannabis from professional doctors online.

Free online consultation

Getting a free online consultation is possible now. Since medicinal cannabis is not available to purchase over the counter, it is advised to consult with a doctor before getting any prescription. There is a free online consultation for those planning to buy medicinal cannabis. You can reach the online free consultation platform in Hello Mello.

How to get a consultation?

You have to complete a quick and easy-to-fill-up form providing your medical history. It is a process to find out if you are eligible to get a medicinal cannabis prescription. Once you are done, if found eligible, you can book a consultation for free, to get a piece of advice about medicinal cannabis and find treatment.

Start the treatment

The day you receive a medicinal cannabis prescription is the same day to get started with your treatment. Upon getting the prescription, you will be connected to a registered pharmacist to express-post the medicinal cannabis to your door. Yes, the medicinal cannabis will be delivered to you, as long as you are living around Australia.

Provide updates

Once you have undergone some treatments, you will be updating your condition or how things work when doing the treatment. It is a process to provide by the patients to their doctor of how things work when taking the medicinal cannabis. The follow-up check-in will be performed via phone call. Once you fail to pick up the phone, don’t panic, an email or SMS coming.

The follow-up check-in is asking about the relief, symptoms, and side effects during the treatment. After the follow-up check-in consultation, they will be checking on your progress. This time, a change of your dosing schedule, get higher or lesser, is possible. If needed, you will be booked for the next consultation with your doctor.

Providing updates on how things go while your treatment is very essential. It will be a medical record of your health condition while in the treatment process. If there are seen changes positively, probably medicinal cannabis successfully addresses the condition.

Good thing that medicinal cannabis is accessible online along with free consultation. But, don’t take it easy since not all can get a prescription. You need to provide your medical history first before you are allowed to take medicinal cannabis. It is in the hands of your doctor whether medicinal cannabis is the right treatment for you or not.