Are there tooth replacement options in Singapore?

A lost tooth can drastically alter the look of the smile. A partial denture can create various issues, depending on the consequence of gingivitis, accident, severe gum disease, or a hereditary disorder.

Depending on how a tooth is destroyed, it can have a detrimental influence on your teeth’s position throughout time and lead to various difficulties if it isn’t repaired. Often you don’t understand how valuable the teeth are since they’re gone, and teeth don’t remain indefinitely.

Even focusing on single teeth would hurt your dental health and self-esteem, so you should definitely for tooth replacement options singapore or any place globally.

tooth replacement options singapore

Alternatives for tooth replacement

A chipped tooth or molars can damage the language, chewing skills, the stability of the jaw and cause your teeth to move into those vacant areas over time. Fortunately, there are a variety of reasonable solutions for replacing the lost tooth or teeth and restoring your attractive smile, including:

Dental implants 

Dental work is amongst the most popular tooth potential replacements. Dental Work is a highly dependable prosthodontic option that looks and sounds just like a natural tooth. Dental implants are an essential when you need surgery to repair a single tooth or many teeth in various regions. Dental implants, if properly cared for, could last a lifespan.

Cantilever supported by inserts.

A fixed prosthesis replacement is the best option for numerous lost teeth in a line. Rebuilding every tooth with such an implant surface can be time-consuming and ineffective. The tooth at the opposite edges of a fixed prosthesis restoration is held in place by implants. With no screws, the tooth in the center of the opposite edges is kept in place.


A flipper prosthesis is a functional limitations denture that may be flipped around through place. There are no metallic buckles on a flipper, and it is not reliant on interproximal.

  • Replacing a lost tooth is a reasonably inexpensive and straightforward procedure.
  • When opposed to dentures, a flipper is substantially cheaper.
  • It offers a quick dental implant solution when a more lasting one can be found.


Suppose the tooth got taken due to injuries, gum disease, or rotting, several good choices for replacing it. Each solution has advantages and disadvantages that a dentist may assist you to consider tailored to individual requirements and budget when looking for tooth replacement options, Singapore or in any place on the globe.