Teal Swan – An Insight into Truth and Honesty for a Meaningful Relationship

Most people are scared, to be honest, and trustworthy in relationships for fear of hurting the other person. They keep silent, ignoring the truth to feel safe. This attitude works for some people; however, it can adversely affect the relationship with the person in most cases. People like to avoid pain, and they wish to stay safe all the time. However, the desire to remain safe should never be the reason to accept the truth.

Teal Swan – How can honesty lead people to authenticity?

Teal Swan is a new-age spiritual teacher and social media star with her channel on YouTube called Ask Teal. She is an author, runs a clothing line, writes blogs, paints, gives lectures on YouTube, and operates a charity organization. Since 2016, she has traveled worldwide, delivering speeches and hosting workshops on spirituality.

She was born with extrasensory abilities that she claims are her gifts. As a child, she was a silent and awkward child. This frustrated her parents, and they thought her powers were, at that time, were diagnosed by the medical community as mental illness.

Her first book named The Sculptor in The Sky was published in 2011, and began her YouTube video channel to share her spiritual message and ideas. She expanded her fanbase within a year and talks about the law of attraction, the meaning of life relationships, and spirituality in her workshops and books.

She addresses several issues, and her ideas are influenced by Hinduism, Zen, and the religious traditions of the East. She borrows from other spiritual masters like Thich Nach Tah and the Dalai Lama.

Teal Swan

Relationships become more beautiful with the truth.

Relationships are beautiful when they are genuine and honest. Sometimes, this truth can be bitter. However, it would help if you accepted what reality shows you. People will feel pain when such a truth is disclosed. Again, the opposite may hold; people become liberated when they see and accept reality. It is like an awakening to a new path of joy, freedom, and authenticity.

Better happier with honest relationships with others

Spirituality makes you see and accept the truth. Relationships tend to flourish and become more comfortable. However, she is not recommended for people who want to feel good. She is suggested for people who wish to know the truth even though it hurts. Here, the reality is fair and not impartial. Knowing the truth shows you what to do so, it is not personal.

Know the Universe and how it works

She reflects both pessimistic and optimistic facts about the world, humanity, and the Universe that people often accept or do not want to integrate or own. People willing to know and take the unpleasant truth can lead fulfilled and happier lives than those who do not.

According to Teal Swan, truth is not painful all the time. Your desire to heal or get relief from pain will lead to opposite directions. She is a teacher who guides people willing to see the truth, even though it is uncomfortable for them to accept.