Michael Giuffrida – Preventing Cyber Attacks for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses 

Most small to medium scale businesses do not give importance to cyber-security. This is why most of them are prone to cyber-attacks that cost the company dear. Experts in the field of cyber-crime say that cyber terrorism is on the rise. The need for cyber-security is indispensable for the growth and development of every company to survive in the intense market competition today.

Michael Giuffrida – An expert in comprehensive cyber-security solutions for SMBs

Michael Giuffrida is an esteemed professional in Connecticut, USA when it comes to crime security and prevention of cyber-attacks. He is known for his expertise in creating custom comprehensive solutions for helping small to medium scale businesses combat potential cyber-attacks on their organizations that are threatening to the well-being of their business. He says that most small to medium scale business owners are unaware of the increasing cyber terrorism existing in the market today. He says that this market is estimated to be a multi-dollar billion one and so it is the need of the day for owners of small to medium scale businesses to wake up and be alert.

Challenges of SMBs

Most small to medium scale business face monetary challenges, and they often need to operate on a limited budget. When it comes to the prevention of cyber-crime, they generally do not give their IT infrastructure the prevention it needs. This often costs them dear in the present and long run. It is mandatory for every business who wishes to keep cyber-crime and criminals at bay to know the loopholes their business faces in order to stop cyber-terrorism. Merely adopting the basic security firewall and malware software for the office is not enough. One must make an active effort to know about security loopholes in the business so that the proper measures can be taken and cyber-crime prevented. Cyber Attacks

Cyber security leads to positive business transformation

When SMBs pay attention to cyber-security, they see a positive transformation in the business. The business data that is sensitive and confidential are safe, and this alleviates a lot of stress on owners. They can focus better on the growth and development of their business, knowing their security is in the safe hands of experts who have advised and guided them on cyber-security. However, business owners should never take cyber-security for granted. They should always evaluate their systems from time to time to ensure that everything is in proper order and free from threats.

As per Michael Giuffrida, small to medium scale business owners should consult credible and skilled experts in the field of cyber-security for their businesses. In this way, they are able to get customized solutions for preventing cyber-terrorism. The costs for consultation and guidance are affordable as there are several good professionals and companies in the market that focus more on keeping cyber attacks at bay over making their own profits. One should research well and rely on a professional or company with proven credentials in the above field to protect small to medium scale businesses with success!