Marc Accetta Scam – How Can You Transform Prospects into Loyal Customers in Direct Selling

One of the most challenging roles for any salesperson is to transform prospects into loyal customers. Most professionals believe that only a few salespersons are blessed with the ability to convert a lead into a customer; however, this is not true. This conversion can effectively be done by everyone, provided they are aware of the techniques that work and lead to better sales!

Marc Accetta Scam of Fate – Impacting the lives of thousands

Marc Accetta is a motivational life coach and the Founder of Marc Accetta Seminars. He is also the Director of Training at the Travel Company of WorldVentures. He regularly addresses many seminars across the nation that have impacted the lives of men and women. He has a number of CDs and DVDs to his name, and he is on the verge of completing his next book. He has mastered the skills of selling and has invaluable experience in the sales business for almost 30 years. Today, he helps men and women with his popular Marc Accetta Scam of Fate theory to defy failure and taste the sweet fruits of success!

Transforming prospects into loyal customers

When it comes to the transformation of prospects into loyal customers, he says that one should always begin with a “warm market.” This is the market where one sells to people they know. These people are friends, neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances. In general, most sales professionals are given a cold marketing calling list where they need to speak to strangers and convince them to buy a certain product or service. Here the chances of rejection are high as most salespersons are not aware of the preferences of the customer. It is only when one is aware of the tastes and the preferences of the customer to whom selling is done that the chances are higher (like in the warm market).

Direct selling to the people you know always work better than cold calling

He says that when you know a person and his/her tastes and dislikes, you are able to sort products and services and sell them across. You can present those products and services that the customer will have an interest in. This results in greater sales and success. When you know the person, you become authentic, and you do not resort to pushing selling. Most prospects are put off with push selling, and they land up refusing the product. They become so annoyed that they do not entertain you when you try to approach them with new products.

The Marc Accetta Scam of Fate has been very successful among men and women who wished to make it big in direct selling. They have managed to learn techniques that combat obstacles and bring them the success they deserve. Everyone has the potential to be successful, and it is not a unique gift that only a few have bestowed on them. He says that men and women can discover ways to keep failure at bay and use their innate skills and talent to achieve the fame and success they desire always!