Learn how to choose the best low-rise pants

When looking for pants, one of the most necessary aspects of it is rise. Rise is the range from the midway of the crotch seam to the peak of the waistband. It generally ranges from 7-12 inches. Pants rise is vital because it decides where your pants sit on your body, wherein it creates your perceived waistline. To choose the best low rise pants, you need to spend an equitable amount of time in the dressing room, when shopping you need to gather options in a variety of sizes and styles around your range.

If you’re browsing online, it is important to gather precise measurements of your hips and other areas to know the appropriate size. And purchasing from a company with a good return policy can be beneficial.

Know more about Low Rise Pants

If you prefer to show off your curvy hips, low-rise pants are an ideal option. You only need to ensure they fit adequately at your hips to prevent the dreaded waist gap problem. Athletic body types can also look great with a mean low rise. Since you may not need the curve in your hips, the jeans may have a little lower, thus ensuring to look for a fitted style with stretch. They became well-known during the 60s-70s and made a comeback over the two decades. Unlike mid-rise and short pants, low-rise pants are not meant to keep to your natural waist.

Guide in choosing the best low-rise pants

Size and styles

  • When selecting different options, find a brand or design that you prefer and choose some different styles in various sizes. Select one in your regular size and some different pants in two sizes below and above this size. You have to keep in mind that even styles by alike brand may differ in fit, even if it has a similar size. This will provide you a chance to compare how the style and size fit you differently.

Find your wash

  • When it comes to wash, there’s no right or wrong, it’s all blue skies for you, and it’s all about your preferences. Darker washes are ideal for going dressy while lighter washes are best for beachy vibes. You can choose between dark wash, light to medium wash, and colored denim.

Look for your fit

  • From trendy to classy, the fit is a perfect way to show your unique style. Below are some of the types of jeans:
  • Boyfriend jeans look great on athletic and apple shapes.
  • Straight jeans are more laid-back, they are ideal for apple, hourglass, and athletic shapes and will all rock a straight leg with grace and style.
  • Bootcut jeans look great in pear and hourglass shapes.
  • Flared jeans can make a statement that touches the floor.