Hillandale Farms- A Bid To Make The Lives of The Homeless Better

There are several people who ignore the homeless people on the road, assuming they are to blame for their plight. However, it just takes some kindness and compassion to lend a helping hand to them so that they can get back on their feet and lead a respectable life.

Hillandale Farmsdonations to homeless shelters

Hillandale Farms is an esteemed company dealing with food production in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, in the USA, and it provides eggshells and organic farming products. The team of experts here believes in sustainable farming technologies and techniques for enhancing the quality of life of their customers, the chickens they care for, and the employees of the company. The team of dedicated professionals at these farms cares for the environment deeply and remains close to the farm so that their carbon footprint is at its minimum.

Embracing eco-friendly practices to save the planet 

The company ensures that they embrace practices that are eco-friendly for the planet. For instance, in the past, manure in chicken houses would remain there for about five months at a time. These farms were one of the first in the region to incorporate a unique belt system with the ability to clean a third of each chicken house every day. The farms also recycle the manure as fertilizer and have designed the chicken houses with power fans to ensure the air quality is always at its optimal levels. The above, at the same time, ensure there are no spill-offs in the environment or water systems like Chesapeake.

Hillandale Farms- donations to homeless shelters

Donating to the homeless 

The team of professionals here believes that one should never be blamed for being homeless- it indeed was not their choice. At times, circumstances can change, and life in just one night can turn around and place one on the streets. When it comes to helping the homeless, you should never shy away. All they need is compassion and a hand to help them get back on their feet to live a regular life with dignity.

Helping them with their basic needs 

Everyone in the world has the fundamental right to food, clothes, and shelter. When you donate to a homeless shelter, you effectively are able to help a person with these basic necessities in life. Helping the lost does not mean giving away a lot of money. If you have the capacity to help one individual, this is sufficient to permit them to lead a better life.

The experts at Hillandale Farms believe that when you do well, it will come back to you multi-fold. Even a small donation to a homeless individual goes the extra mile to help them live a life of worth and dignity. As depicted in the movies and TV series, they are not criminals. Circumstances or bad choices have placed them on the streets. However, a helping hand helps them to regain the confidence they need to bounce back up and lead a respectable life. When you donate to the homeless, you feel so much joy that no material comfort can bring you!