Find storage for your luggage in Copenhagen

Most people will tell you that freedom is the ability to go anywhere you want when it comes to traveling. That is true. However, one fact shouldn’t be overlooked. You have to carry your big suitcase to every single destination. We’ve left luggage storage copenhagenspots all over the world, so you only have to choose where you want to travel next. With zero bags to carry and no worries of your belongings being stolen, we’ll give you true freedom.

You’re about to understand why you don’t have to worry about your luggage when I tell you to put them down. I guess you could say that every luggage storage facility we choose to store your bags must satisfy a set of specific requirements to become a part of our partner network. Each left luggage service we offer has a locked room in luggage storage copenhagen, assuring your belongings’ safety as you enjoy your trip. We don’t play games with security to our luggage storage rooms remain locked at all times.

Security seals and unique numbers are given to each piece of luggage stored, and when a traveler drops off or picks up their luggage, their identity is thoroughly checked. Know that you’re covered should your luggage be damaged, stolen or lost. Our insurance covers individual bags for up to 1500 euros per piece. We can take care of your luggage at one of our 10,000 partners around the world. Just because something makes your life easier, it shouldn’t necessarily cost a lot. This is our motto.

Utilize luggage storage

Ensure your traveling experience isn’t ruined by small details. Part of the success of a trip is the ability to customize it. Look for services that are available to meet your needs. Utilizing our luggage storage network has the advantage of being able to find a Nanny whose opening hours and locations are convenient for your plans.

We offer a range of storage solutions for your luggage near train stations, monuments, and any other important sites in your destination. And don’t worry about how long you should store it that you can store it for up to 30 days. You can leave any inconvenient item with us like a paddleboard, stroller, or pair of skis. No size is an issue for us.

In addition to saving your luggage, you won’t get tired from carrying heavy bags around the city, at least not as much as you will when walking around with heavy bags. The result is the opportunity to enjoy more visits and fun activities while on vacation. Unlike other luggage storage options, especially automated alternatives, we have no size restrictions.