Bicycle Light and Its Importance

A bicycle light, or bicycle headlight, is an all-important device that can save your life while you are cycling in the dark. In fact, it will be mandatory to have a bicycle light when riding at night on public roads with at least one other cyclist present.


The law states anyone riding in the dark, either on a cycle track or road, must have front and back lights lit. The law was introduced following a few fatalities from cyclists colliding with pedestrians standing with their eyes down and not looking towards traffic as drivers cannot see them. This was due to a lack of visibility from the cyclists not having lights on.


You are legally required in law to have a front and backlight on. If you only want a backlight, then it is advised that you get the main bike light as a rear bike light as they seem to give out more light. You may also use battery operated devices which are quite small and discreet, but they also need regular batteries so it is usually recommended that you simply get an electrical device if possible, as they aren’t costly in comparison. shop bicycle lights are where you will find the more expensive products.


The backlight should be placed around the seat post so that it can be seen from the back of your body. The front light should be on your handle bars and reflect into the eyes of other cyclists and cars when riding behind you. Most modern bicycles have a number of lights at different levels, so you can set them to give out different amounts of light for different areas. Be careful, as if you go too high with these lights, your head may become too light and risk being seen above the bicycle frame and causing an accident. There are also rear bike lights that extend onto your seat post or saddle to make sure that both pedals are completely visible.

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Night cycling not only gives you an incredible feeling on your bike but also allows you to see a lot more and also enjoy the countryside around you as there is no movement from vehicles and other distractions. The rule of thumb is to get two powerful lights, whether off or electrical. You may even want to invest in a pair of hand held bike lights which will give you extra visibility that other cyclists won’t be able to see from the back.


Additionally, lights are very important as if you get one of these bicycle light sets that also include a back light, then it is advised that you only have the back light on some of the time. The reason for this is that if you turn your back light on when you haven’t got the bike moving and then the bike starts to move, it is highly likely that you will be hit by an oncoming vehicle as they will see a stationary object from your back.


When riding in the day, a rider should be able to see and be seen by other road users without lights being used. It is important to have lights when there are other cyclists around (on average, 3 of them) or when there are no cyclists around.