A Guide On Vegetables To Grow In North Texas


North Texas has fascinating weather; if you want to plant anything, you need a fuel planner. Texas go hot summers followed by cold winters; a nightmare for gardeners. Maybe! But you need not worry because this guide will help you out thoroughly. It is very important to stay on track, especially if you are a gardener who loves to experiment and grow your fresh garden vegetables. Gardening is not only a hobby but more than that. One has to be involved much to get the real essence of it. The aftermath of proper planning is nothing but good and healthy vegetables right in front of your eyes. If you want to know about the vegetables to grow in north texas, then you have come to the right place.

Why Is Planning Important in Gardening?

Planning things out will make things easier for you. You will also have a tight schedule for caring for your baby plant. When it comes to gardening and vegetables to grow in North Texas, planting is the ultimate key because every plant is different and needs different kinds of treatment. Apart from that, you can not plant any plant at any time of the year.

What Vegetables to Plant from January to June?

You can plant the following vegetables according to the months ( depending on the weather):

  • January- Onions, start seeding tomatoes, trees and shrubs, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, and much more
  • February- Seed potatoes, asparagus, pansies, Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, carrots, kale, and mustard greens.
  • March- plant tomatoes, carrots, beets, swiss chard, turnips, collard green, and much more
  • April – Lantana, pentas, vinca, coleus, corn, cucumber, watermelon, squash, pepper, zucchini, and much more
  • May- eggplant, basil, pepper, black-eyed peas, okra, corn, melons, and zucchini are only some
  • June- Harvest garlic and onion

What Vegetables to Plant From July To December?

  • July- melons, winter squash and much more
  • August- Broccoli, brussels sprouts, swiss chard, Mustard greens
  • September- Beets, carrots. Brussels, English peas, radish, spinach, turnips, kale,and much more
  • October- kale, snapdragons, cilantro, parsley, garlic cloves, among others
  • November- kale and cool season vegetables
  • December- cool season vegetables


Gardening is very challenging, but you can do it if you are passionate about it. It needs compassion and regularity as well. Why? You cannot leave your plants unmanaged for a day unless it demands. Gardening does bring fresh vegetables and all the required peacefulness to your life; with this, happy gardening in North Texas.