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Caracci Salvatore, the Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore restaurant founder, believes in serving only authentic Italian dishes. It’s not the cook’s skill that distinguishes an Italian word; it’s also the quality of the ingredients. Salvatore imports essential components for his restaurants himself, insisting on using those made in Italy by reliable vendors. He has enabled people to perform Italian food in an accessible and casual setting with the same DNA but on a lesser level after years of connectivity with Italian companies.

For those on the go, SALVO by Pasta Fresca offers a variety of antipasto, salads, fresh pasta, and pizzas. SALVO by Pasta Fresca provides a warm and welcoming interior similar to the Italian friend’s kitchen if users favor relaxing and enjoying their plate of handmade fresh pasta. For its health benefits, Italian food made with olive oil and primarily fresh veggies should be decided to make a daily affair. There was no need to go to an expensive restaurant for an elevated authentic Italian meal. SALVO by Pasta Fresca will prepare ‘Made in Italy’ meals for you.

Enjoy our homemade pasta selection for the main course, which will leave the reader wanting extra. The Salmon Aurora, as well as our AOP Prawns as well as Caprese pasta, are delicious. SALVO by Pasta Fresca also has a variety of delicious pizzas on the menu if you prefer to share.

italian set lunch singapore

Finish it off with one of our memorable desserts as well as a beverage of their choice, and wanted to thank Singapore’s convenient shipping options, you’ll like more Italian meals on the plate.

Easy delivery of food-

Remember that paradise is a plate of pasta, and nobody does it more effectively than Pasta Fresca’s SALVO. We hope to serve you our unique brand of delicious food in the privacy of your own home.

Every dish is delicious-

You know you want to have something delicious and savory, yet you can’t decide what it should be. Fortunately, everything on the menu at SALVO besides Pasta Fresca can provide you with the satisfaction you seek. Our Singapore delivery partners will also make sure you have the Italian food users deserve as soon as possible.

Get the party started with any of our antipasto and bar bites, such as the best-selling Truffle Fries Parmigiano or even the Roasted Vegetable Salad. Our chefs also recommend the Arancini. To know more about Italian set lunch singapore, you may look over the web.