Adam Seger Offers a General Overview on Effortless Food and Drink Pairing

A lot of people stress about pairing up the perfect food with the drinks served to their customers or guests. It is not as difficult as one might think.  Checking out the new microsite launched by Adam Seger, for example, can provide people with the needed insights into the topic. This microsite is largely based on the art and science of making cocktails/food.  Having the knowledge and understanding of food and drink pairings is not just important for bartenders and mixologist, but also any laymen who love to host house parties and entertain their family or friends.

Lemon or lime is among the key considerations that one needs to keep in mind when it comes to food and drinks pairing.  They can help in tackling pairings significantly. Adding a bit of lemon juice can aid refresh the palate. Richer fare like noodles or pasta with cream sauce benefits quite a bit from high acid drinks. Seafood like crab cakes and grilled salmon gel perfectly with a crisp citrus drink. One can always go for a citrus-driven cocktail like a mojito, greyhound, or classic daiquiri while indulging in such seafood.


When serving cocktails, one must keep in mind that the drink must not overpower their dish. Herb infused cocktails like mojito is particularly perfect for tying in elements of a meal. A smoky bourbon or scotch, on the other hand, can be effective in bringing out the hints of hickory in a barbeque dish. If a mixologist is confused about what type of food they should serve with specific cocktails at their bar, then they can always do a bit of research online or seek guidance from industry experts like Adam Seger.   Pairing up food with beer is comparatively simpler than doing so with cocktails as beer is a great palate cleanser. It also has lower alcohol content than wine and most cocktails and hence can easily be enjoyed with spicy food.  Pale ales and IPAs especially can gel well with main course food items.  When having spicy food, one can also opt for a rum and coke or a similarly sweet drink.

While tannins are generally associated with red wines like cabernet, they can also be found in a lot of unexpected places. Tannins basically are natural compounds that tend to taste a bit bitter and astringent on the tongue.  Tannins and fat essentially make each other better. Hence, serving a marbled steak or roast duck can be a great choice.  While talking about wines, it is important to remember that sparkling wine like champagne goes well with salty food.  White wines can be a bit dry and therefore do not pair well with most desserts. This dryness, however, makes it go well with creamier cheeses, like brie and mascarpone. Rosé is a type of wine that goes beautifully with seafood and even fruits, especially berries.