Sharon Deflorio- Invoke Positive Impressions in The Workplace With The Right Fashion Sense

Regarding personal grooming at the workplace, you must look professional and intelligent as per the industry you serve. For instance, in a field like business development and customer service, you must have a great sense of style but with a formal appeal. The clothes’ fit and cut should match your body shape, and you should dress up as per the season to invoke positive first impressions successfully! It would help if you looked intelligent, approachable, and professional simultaneously.

Sharon Defloriodress for success

Sharon Deflorio is a highly skilled and successful business development specialist from Norwalk, CT, USA. She is widely respected for her proven track record in generating qualified leads and building solid relationships with her clientele, comprising C-suite senior-level managerial professionals and executives.

She previously served credible companies like Xerox, Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal, and Terex Corporation. She believes in professional development and learning for career advancement and has done certification courses from notable institutes like Northwestern |Kellogg and Adelphi University. She graduated from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Science.

Fashion Sense

Professional grooming for men and women

As mentioned above, men and women should invest in professional grooming for success in the workplace. They are the company’s representatives, and customers will take them at face value. When you are in a corporate environment, you must be dressed with the latest fashion and the season in mind. For instance, you cannot wear a blazer worn by your grandfather to work. You should buy one according to the latest market trends for corporate wear.

Dressing for the season

When you are dressing up for any occasion, consider the season, for instance, if you are looking for the latest fashion wear during Fall, keep the following tips in mind-

1. Layers – The best thing about dressing up during Fall is that you can incorporate a lot of layers in different textures and colors for the season. For instance, you can wear a jacket over your dress, a light sweater with collars, a vest on a shirt, and more.

2. Buy good boots- A pair of suitable boots will keep your feet safe during the season, and you can invest in ankle boots, riding boots, boots that come up to your knees, combat boots, and others designed for the season.

3. Add a splash of color to your clothes- You can add a scarf that has bright colors to your outfit to stand out in the crowd. Some fantastic colors for Fall are yellow, orange, red, and green.

4. Use textures- Experiment with different types of surfaces for your clothes. Autumn is the time to incorporate a mix of velvet, fur, or suede into your wardrobe. They are perfect for the season and add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe.

According to Sharon Deflorio, if you are unsure what colors, cuts, styles, etc., to choose for your personal or professional wear, you can always consult a fashion expert for help!