The Dos and Don’ts of participating in Trade shows and Exhibitions

Acquiring a place to exhibit your products and services is quite an easy task. From shopping malls to theatres, schools and colleges to exhibitions, every one gives an opportunity to companies and business to exhibit their products and services. But is this all that you need to attract your customers towards your booth? Well, I am afraid.  It is not. There is so much more business matching to it than just having a place and putting up your stuff.

A good exhibition booth begins with some attractive displays and stands that talk about the products and services. These displays should be put up in the most attractive manner and have the ability to catch the attention of every eye instantaneously.  

Here are a few more Do’s and Don’ts that you should keep in mind while preparing your team for an upcoming exhibition.

The Do’s

You need to have a proper schedule to exhibit as it takes a lot of energy and can be very exhausting while working. You should always make sure that your team members are taking required breaks and rehydrate themselves as they can engage their clients in a very well way. So, if you work out a proper plan then everything can fall into place.

business matching

You need to empower your team to know what decisions are to their remit to approve and what all must be referred in sales and orders. A clear understanding will give your team confidence and authority to tackle out with things and also attract clients. Always remember there might come in some situations where you might not have an opportunity to take decisions after discussing, so you need to be prompt in helping out the clients.

You need to assign clear roles to each one of your team. Providing visitors with freebies and refreshments can be an effective way of bringing people to your stand. You always have to make sure that your sales and business development are willing and are free to welcome the clients. Each member of the team must know their role, whether it is greeting people, handing out brochures or refreshments, taking up details or working out with the leads.

Get plenty of sleep because it gets tiring in the exhibition, as you need to be fresh and vocal to attend or greet your clients. It is quite fun to be partying in the night but remember caffeine or any other energy drinks won’t help you to be working great at work place.

The Don’ts

You never be late in organizing your stand, its better to take too much of time to settle out things and put them in place rather than doing everything too little. Don’t start your day with wrong ways and in an unorganized way.

It is very much unorganized, unethical, and unprofessional and frowning if visitors find you eating while you are working or displaying. It’s always good to take short breaks and have your meal or refreshments.

Having said all this, it is also extremely important to look presentable at all times. Your team should look coordinated too. Have a good exhibition stand to talk about your products and you are good to go with some great marketing and sales. Are you still waiting? Get started today!