Know About Student Care Facilities In Singapore

Were you aware of the fact that more or about 27,000 students tend to head towards a student care singapore after their school hours instead of directly going back to their homes? And this is, surprisingly enough, just the number of those students who have decided to visit a school-based centre and not the ones wherein a student is directly transported to a community-based centre near his home or school.

Why consider sending your child to a student care centre after his school hours? 

It is now surprising that with the rising number of households gaining dual incomes, the resulting demand for services providing care to students has also increased. With primary schools winding up generally in the afternoon, parents who are working without school care for their child are generally left with no other option than to have trusted adults to care for and look after the school needs of their children.

student care singapore

  • A comfortable place for a child to rejuvenate, relax and enjoy

After a tiring and long day at school, a child needs to have a safe and comforting space to go to. Student care centre helps a child by providing an extensive range of facilities to play learn and grow; such facilities include possessing a conducive space for catching up on the work done in their schools while unwinding with friends, playing basketball, board games, and football, table tennis and much more.

  • Wide variety of healthy and nutritious food

Children who are going to primary schools are still considered young. Therefore, such students must enjoy a healthy diet, learn and grow. It can undoubtedly be said that children would end up choosing unhealthy fast foods to have for lunch. Bua at a student care center they can eat nutritious and yummy food every day after getting back from school. Certain centres have specific caterers to provide such meals while others prepare them in the comfort of their house. This helps to ensure that a child enjoys a diverse range of food that is healthy for their body.

  • Enrichment programs and support for holidays

With the closing of school and the exciting beginning of the holidays, many parents tend to scramble while looking for enjoyable activities for their children. A parent who has enrolled his child in student care shall not worry but be sure that he will be cared for by the teachers and mentors and can look forward to interesting enrichment activities coming his way.

Centres for Student care in Singapore are considered a one-stop provider of everything that your child might need after finishing his day at school. From playing, eating, learning, and resting, it aims to provide a perfect support system to every child.