Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University – The Importance of Basketball and Sports in The Post Pandemic Era to Stay Healthy

The COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay indoors to break the human transmission of the virus. As businesses and educational institutes had to close down, most of them resorted to virtual means to survive. Education uses online classes to prevent students from missing out on their classes. However, staying indoors took a toll on the immunity of the people as they became inactive. Only a few people took out the motivation to exercise while the rest remained indoors, either hooked to their computers or the television.

Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University – Why are sports like basketball important in the times of COVID-19

Harvey Shapiro is a resident of Boston and is a Clinical Professor at Northeastern University. He received his doctorate in the field of Jewish Education from Hebrew Union College- Jewish Institute of Religion in 1996. His key areas of interest are education, philosophy, literary theory, Hebrew Literature, and politics. He is fluent in the Hebrew language and also studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Besides being an educator and an academician, he is also fond of basketball and sports. Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University students are often advised to practice playing sports, especially in the post-pandemic era.

He said when the whole globe came to a standstill; the economy suffered a massive blow as everyone was forced to embrace what became known as “the new normal.” Many people took time to adjust to their new lives and looked for some degree of normalcy, like the resumption of physical games and sports.

Recognition by the United Nations

He says The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs recognizes the significance of sports in the lives of people. The truth is sports offer several opportunities for individuals to bring out the best in themselves irrespective of whether you are a spectator or a player. It is healthy for social development as citizens of the globe.

An example set by the NBA that resumption of sports is possible

When it comes to the resumption of sporting events in the post-pandemic world, there is nothing more inspiring than taking a page from the NBA bubble that took place recently where the Los Angeles Lakers bagged the crown despite mourning the loss of one of its most iconic pillars Kobe Bryant.

The immediate challenge was how social distancing could be maintained as the COVID-19 virus could be transferred through the air. A lot of safety measures were taken to keep the players safe and free from the transmission. The players were tested regularly so that infections could be kept at bay. Today, the world is hungry for the resumption of sports, and the NBA has paved the path to show that it can be resumed gradually with the right precautions.

Since he is a sports lover and regularly practices Iyengar Yoga, the Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University students are encouraged to inculcate the benefits of playing sports and exercise to boost immunity in the post-pandemic era. The NBA example shows that the resumption of sports is safe so long as protection protocols are in place.