Ali Ata – How Can Music Positively Improve Your Mood and Performance

Music has a host of positive benefits for the brain and mood of a person. There is a different genre of music that help individuals boost their productivity and performance, both academically and in the workplace. In fact, music has several benefits for a person, and if you do not listen to music regularly, it is high time that you start to do so today!

Ali Ata – How does music help you positively?

Ali Ata is an experienced professional from AAIM, or The Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine in the USA says that music helps people to perform better. Listening to music daily helps a person be in a positive mood all the time. It beats stress and tensions of daily life. It helps people to sleep better and eliminate the pangs of depression. In fact, if you wish to stay healthy and in a good mood daily, you should listen to music to improve performance and mood.

Top advantages of listening to music daily for adults and children

He says the following are some of the top advantages of listening to music daily-

  1. Improves the mood of a person- Recent studies reveal that if you listen to music daily, you can improve your health and well-being. Music helps you to regulate emotions and create feelings of relaxation and happiness in life.
  1. Decreases stress- When you listen to music that is relaxing in nature, it helps in beating stress and anxiety. Music that has a slow tempo, no lyrics, and a low pitch helps you to reduce stress.
  1. Improves exercise- If you exercise regularly, you will find that music helps you to add enthusiasm and vigor to your workouts. It boosts both physical and mental stimulation and plays a vital part in boosting overall
  1. Boosts memory- Research shows that melody and rhythm together in repetitive beats, has the ability to improve memory. Music helps the brain to create patterns that enhance memorization. There have been studies conducted on stroke survivors, and it has been seen that listening to music has helped them to be less confused, experience enhanced verbal memory, and get better attention with focus.
  1. Eliminates pain- Those people that listen to music before and after surgery have lesser reports of pain. They were happy with their recovery, and healthcare reports were satisfactory.
  1. Music helps in cognitive ability and development- Those people that suffer from Alzheimer’s showed improvement in cognitive ability after they started to listen to music. Music is also beneficial for small children and toddlers that are learning language and vocabulary skills. They are in a better positive to read and write faster over children who do not listen to music.

Ali Ata sums up by saying that music has many benefits for adults and children. One should take some time out from their schedule daily to listen to music. Children should be encouraged by their parents to listen to music so that they can improve their language skills and vocabulary faster as they grow up!