1.    Introduction

The cryptocurrency he’s gaining more and more importance nowadays and everyone starts enlisting in cryptocurrencies as they provide more profits to the investors and also everyone has to be very careful when investing in cryptocurrencies one has to do a lot of for work before investing in cryptocurrencies. if then then only invest in cryptocurrency, and also cryptocurrency is a model transaction platform for the transaction huge amounts of money from here to pier any third person involved centralized banks or any agencies where they have to pay extra transaction charges through them, but in this mode of transaction it is transparent between the sender and the receiver and also this process is very easy, if you are preferring this mode of transaction then visit the website DEX Liquidity which is very safe and also reliable

DEX Liquidity

2.    What are the advantages choosing decentralized exchaNge

A.      Crypto currency is gaining More and more awareness among the people and also people are focusing on it and learning how to do all this procedure and this starts implementing nowadays

B.      If you are such kind of person and also looking for best website to do this kind of transaction that is decentralized transaction then visit the website DEX Liquidity.

C.      This website is not only safe but also this method of approach it’s very safe and it is not easily hacked by the hackers and also becausr even a single word of information doesn’t go out of the blockchain so it is very difficult for the hackers to hack this mode of transaction

D.     That block chain place a vital role in this mode of transaction becausr once transaction has taken place there are some nodes which decoder cryptographic language and provide whether the transaction is correct or not

E.      If the 50% of the nodes provided the transaction is verified then the system records it says transaction had taken place and this store many of these kind of transactions in the block form and this transactions are linked to one another and forming blockchain

F.     In this block system the adjacent block will have the all the information about the previous block and it also alone stores details of large number of transactions and these blocks are interconnected to form a blockchain


If anyone choose this method of transaction, then there has to know all about cryptocurrencies and how does the blockchain system works and also what is decentralized currency and after knowing information of all these things then only they should do transaction through this method, and while doing if they want to know which is the safest website to transfer then visit the above mentioned website which is not only safe and also reliable website