Where to Learn Forex Trading in 2022?

Forex trading has evolved into a massive sensation across the currency trading community in recent years and learning forex is not an exception. With so many online courses, books and videos flooding the market, it might be difficult for beginners to determine what methods really work and which ones simply waste time and money. The fact that you landed on this blog post means you are looking to learn forex trading. Our team of experts has created this list of the TOP 4 BEST Forex courses (and one honorable mention) that will get you started in the shortest amount of time possible.

The Top 4 Best Forex Trading Courses

1) The Best Forex Trading Course on Udemy

If you are looking for the best forex trading course, look no further than the “Forex Strategies” by Omar Alexander. This is an immensely popular course on Udemy with over 20k students so you will not have any problems finding peers to interact with or ask questions. The key selling point of this course is that it gives you both the conceptual and practical foundation for trading Forex – Teaches you how to initiate, manage and exit trades based on pure price action – Includes videos from multiple instructors so you will get a better understanding of the different angles used in forex trading.

2) The Award-Winning Forex Course Beyond the Zone

If you have been trading forex for a while but are looking to take your game up a notch, check out the “Beyond the Zone” course by Sean Kim. This award-winning course will teach you how to open your mind and start thinking differently about trading – You will be able to make superior and confident trading decisions by learning the “4 Pillars of Forex Trading” – Includes a course book and access to a private Facebook community where you can interact with other students and share success stories. It also suggests some of the best forex trading platforms available online.

Breakout/Trend Trading:

3) The Best Kindle Book on Forex Trading (Our Honorable Mention)

If you are looking for an affordable introduction to forex trading, check out the book “Foreign Currency Trading: Learn to Make Money with Forex” by Sidney Wildgoose. The key selling point of this book is that you will be able to get a solid understanding of forex in a short period of time – Teaches you how to recognize and avoid the common mistakes made when trading forex for real – Offers a variety of strategies for traders at all levels.

4) The Most Complete Forex Trading Course on Udemy

If you are looking to learn everything there is to know about forex trading, check out the “Complete Forex Trading Course” by Jason Capital. This is the most complete course you will find online with over 20 hours of video lessons, multiple study guides and live webinars you can attend. The key selling point of this course is that it offers something for everyone- it teaches you the full cycle of forex trading from initiation to exit. You will be able to create your own Forex Trading System based on pure price action