What is The Difference Between Screws and Stainless Steel Nails

Do you find screws and nails made of stainless steel the same? If yes, you are not alone. Most people believe that nails made of stainless steel and screws are the same and can be used for any DIY project. Experts say this is not true. There are subtle differences between the two, and this post will explain how screws are different from nails that are made up of stainless steel. Read on to find out-

Stainless steel nails are not the same as screws

The differences between stainless steel nails and screws lie in their respective applications. Both of them though physically alike in major ways, are designed for different tasks. Both of them are fasteners; however, they are created to resist different forces. They hold components together that are otherwise naturally not possible. Nails are created to resist the sideways or the shear force, whereas the screw has threads to strongly lock components that resist the withdrawal force.

Stainless Steel Nails

Try this simple experiment to understand their differences clearly

This experiment will demonstrate the difference between a stainless steel nail and screw to make you understand their functions clearly. Take two nails and two screws and use a hammer to insert them a little over halfway into a single wooden block. Once this is done, use the claw of your hammer to remove the screw and the nail. From this experiment, you will discover it is easy for you to remove the stainless steel nail from the wooden block; however, when it comes to removing the screw from the block, you will find it difficult to do so. So, removal of the nail is simple, whereas the screw holds tight, demonstrating its resistance to the withdrawal force by the screw.

Now, with your hammer, hit the other stainless steel nail and screw sideways. The nail will hold fast in the wooden block, but it will bend. The screw widens the original hole it made while being inserted into the wooden block and becomes loose. This demonstrates the superiority of the stainless steel nail when it comes to the resistance of shear forces.

Buy quality nails, and screws are available at local and online stores

So, from the above, it is evident that whatever type of fastener you buy for fixtures, you must ensure it is of a standard and high-quality to ensure the safe functioning of your project when completed. There are several credible local and online stores to offer you branded screws and stainless steel nails for your DIY projects with success.

These stores give you an extensive choice when it comes to the size and grade of stainless steel nails and screws for your projects. You can order them in bulk and have them delivered to your doorstep in just a few working days. Make sure you know the precise measurements for your nails and screws. In case you have queries and need assistance, these stores have customer support numbers where you can call and clarify all your doubts and concerns with success.