Marc Accetta – How to Boost Your Online Presentation Skills for Your Home-Based Business

Presentation skills are essential both in your personal and professional life. For instance, in the field of sales and marketing, you need to present the product or service you sell. You need to seize the attention of the targeted audience so that they are converted into customers for your business. You need to plan and practice regularly in order to attain the success you deserve.

Marc Accetta – Engage your audiences successfully

Marc Accetta is the Founder of Marc Accetta Seminars and is currently the Director of Training for the popular internet-based company WorldVentures that focuses on travel. He led this company to more than a billion in sales for the last ten years in 34 countries across the world with the help of his uniquely created network marketing training system that he has perfected in the past three decades. Every month, he addresses live audiences where he influences multiple lives throughout the globe.

Live audience presentations are not the same as online ones

Presentation in front of a live audience needs a lot of assertiveness and high energy to keep your audience engaged. Body language and communication skills are essential for communicating your marketing message to them. However, online presentation skills are different from live audiences, and according to him, you should remember the following tips-

Home-Based Business

Online presentation tips for a home-based business

In a home-based business you need to use technology to market your brand to the targeted audience or customer, and so keep in mind the following-

  1. Make your PowerPoint slides simple- Make sure the slides you make for your presentation are simple. They should be easy for your targeted audience to read and understand. You should place the text of the content in the center of the slide instead of the edges of the slides as they often might not be displayed on your audience’s screens. Make sure you create slides that have a high contrast color- they are simple for your virtual audience to read.
  1. Use a reliable wi-fi connection- You should always ensure the Internet connection you use does not let you down in the middle of the presentation. Do not bank on cellular connections for the presentation.
  1. PDF version of the presentation- Make sure you keep a downloaded PDF version of the presentation handy in case of technical glitches with your Internet connection.
  1. Close the apps you do not need while delivering the presentation- Make sure all the apps you do not need are closed so that they do not interfere with your presentation.

According to Marc Accetta, you must practice with the presentation slides to be comfortable before both the live and online audience. Make sure you are familiar with the technological platform you will be using for the presentation. Remove any sort of visual clutter or distractions from the screen. In order to look professional, carry out the presentation against a plain wall to avoid distractions. This allows the targeted audience to completely focus on you with success!