Joseph Cianciotto Provides a Few Tips For Good Marketing

Marketing can be considered to be a process of sparking interesting among potential customers about the products and/or services offered by a company. Joseph Cianciotto stresses upon the fact that marketing also involves researching and promoting a certain product or service. Mr. Cianciotto is a New York based professional who has a good level of experience in the domain of marketing and advertising. He mentions that marketing research is largely the function that links the consumers and the manufactures through information, so as to generate and evaluate marketing actions.

Marketing is broadly the process of getting potential clients interested in the products and services sold by a company.  According to the New York based professional Joseph Cianciotto, this discipline majorly centers on the study of markets and consumer behavior. It also involves the analysis of commercial management of companies for the purpose of attracting, acquiring and retaining customers by efficiently satisfying their distinct needs and wants. Instilling brand loyalty is also another core aspect of marketing.

Here are some effective marketing tips mentioned by Joseph Cianciotto that can go a long way in enhancing the business prospects of a company:

  • Look for opportunities to diversify: A great number of marketing budgets today do not enable businesses to pursue various distribution channels at once. Companies are required to very carefully select the channels that have the highest chances fetching superior returns from their investments. Marketing professionals should ideally look for opportunities that enable them to diversify their strategy by first researching the audience, and try to identify the niche sub-channels where they get to cut through the marketing noise.
  • Embrace paid social media marketing: The revenue of the majority of paid social marketing platforms continues to grow due to the fact that they are able to attract a large number of the target audience. A number of social media platforms are nowadays even tweaking their algorithms, subsequently making it clear to brands that paid promotion is vital to getting superior visibility on the digital landscape. Hence, if firms want their marketing strategy to gain momentum in this modern world, then they need to embrace diver paid social media marketing techniques.
  • Focus on the existing content: A large number of marketers today well understand the fact that they are required to produce large volumes of content in order to build a traffic base. They typically focus on creating new content, while overlooking the value in their existing assets.  In order to keep up with the modern competitive markets, it is vital that companies use their current content to its fullest potential. They can, for example, identify their most popular content and use these insights as a base for the future content they create.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, marketing professionals like Joseph Cianciotto should also try to nurture brand advocates. People typically look for recommendations from their peers when it comes to making purchase decisions. Hence, all companies must try to nurture brand advocates who can prove to be a powerful tool when it comes to reaching new audiences and driving conversions.