What things must you check in a used car before buying it?

Looking for a trouble-free used car is nothing about luck, and you must apply by getting good research and investigation skills. You must know how to spot the problems and how reliable it is to use a vehicle to save from paying expensive bills. This advice will help you to avoid buying a damaged car, and it will help you find the best value used cars in hermiston.

Body condition

You must check every panel and roof for dents, scratches, and rust. You must watch out for misaligned parts that will show there is a shoddy repair. The finish and color of the paint must be the same on every side of the vehicle. Using a small magnet when you think a dent is patched. The interest will stick to something other than the area with body filler. When the car parts get repainted, paint on the rubber seals in the trunk and hood lid is painted. Rust will be the primary concern; you must check the body for any visible rust. You can read more here to check on the wheel, door bottoms, and panels on the doors. You can try to open the door, hood, and trunk. Lift and let go of every entry, especially at the driver’s door. When you hear loose hinges, the car must check for rubber seals for tearing.


You can walk around the car to know whether the car is at sitting level. You can push down every corner of the vehicle to realize it. When the shock absorbers are in their best shape, the car must rebound once, not bounce up and down. You can get the top of every tire and tug it back and forth. When you play it or hear a weird sound, there is a problem with your suspension joints or bearings.

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When you open the car door, you must smell inside the interior. When you smell mildew, musty, or moldy inside the car, it shows a water leak. You can remove the floor mats to know for any wet spots on the carpet. When you smell bitter inside, the car was used by a smoker. Check the lighter and ashtray for evidence, as some odors, like smoke and mold, are hard to remove.


You can try on the seats even if you don’t have to sit in the rear. Looking at the upholstery must be worn, especially when the car is in low mileage. You can try the seat change to ensure that they are working fine, and you can find a suitable position when driving.


Look at the headliner and roof trim for any stains to know whether the water leaks on the doors or windows. You can see that the moonroof opens and closes where it seals well when it is shut. Using a flashlight, you can check on the convertible top for any tears.

Buying a used car is the best investment you can make when you know how to find the best one. When you are new to buying cars, these tips will help you find the best vehicle. It can be challenging initially, but spotting a suitable car when comfortable is easy.